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Gardening tips and trick, How to creating a new lawn after new construction

Lawncaretips - Creating a new lawn from scratch is much easier than you might think and the end result will be very satisfying and rewarding. Lawns can be made from many different types of plants, but the most popular and practical lawn is one made from grass and usually mixtures of different grasses are used to create a thick sward.

Before embarking on a new lawn, some planning should be done first. As you are starting to make a lawn from bare earth you have the option to decide exactly what you want. It really is worth thinking about the options because once the lawn is laid and established, to change it can be difficult. When laid properly, a lawn will last a lifetime, so it pays to try and get it right from the onset with minimum effort.

how to making a new lawn after new construction

How quickly do you want it? There is also the timescale to take into account. Growing a lawn from seed is much slower than establishing turf, so if you need a lawn in a hurry, grass seed will not be the best route to take.

Where is the lawn to be sited? You also need to think about the position of the lawn in the garden: what type of soil you need to work with, what level of drainage, whether the area is prone to drought, whether all or part of it will be in shade most of the time, whether it is next to over-hanging trees, and so on – all of these points are covered later on in this book.

What will the lawn be used for? The main thing to take into account is what the new lawn is mainly going to be used for. It is all too easy to buy the first box of grass seed you find in a garden centre or to order turf from the first supplier you find listed in the telephone book.

But before you get to that stage you need to ask yourself why do you want a lawn? Do you want a fine quality ‘show’ lawn that will rarely be walked upon or a lawn that needs to be able to withstand children and pets running and playing on it? 

These are completely different types of lawn, and to create each successfully you need different grass mixtures. If you were to use a fine lawn mix and subject it to heavy wear, it would soon be ruined. Likewise, by using a strong grown seed mixture you will never get a fine quality lawn. It is, however, possible to have a hardwearing lawn that also looks good all year round, as long as you use the correct mix of grasses.
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