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How to care and maintenance for Fine quality show lawns

Lawncaretips - A fine-quality lawn that is maintained to a high standard always looks impressive. It consists of a mixture of fine-leaved grasses that do not grow too quickly or too tall and ideally the lawn should be weed- and moss-free. The two main types of grass used in a fine mixture are Festuca (fescue) and Agrostis (bent grass) and several cultivars of both may be blended to provide a thick, but fine-leaved sward. 

These are the types of grasses that you would expect to find on golf greens and bowling greens. This type of lawn can be made by sowing seed, as most seed companies sell a fine lawn mixture, but establishment by this method is not as fast as with other seed mixtures. Alternatively, several of the turf growers produce fine-quality turf.

Unfortunately, the grasses in this type of lawn are not very hardwearing compared with other types and therefore it is not the best choice for a lawn that will get lots of heavy wear from children or pets. However, for normal use it will serve perfectly well.

how to take care fine quality show lawns landscaping ideas

Maintenance requirements for Fine-quality show lawns

The maintenance of a fine lawn can be quite high if you want to keep it in excellent condition all year round, although regular mowing with a cylinder mower is the main job. Apart from regular mowing, you will need to feed the lawn a couple of times a year, and control weeds and moss to keep it looking really good. It may also be necessary to carry out other maintenance such as spiking or scarifying from time to time. 

All this might sound daunting, but in reality these are easy jobs to do and the rewards will be a very good quality lawn that complements the rest of the garden.
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