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How to take care and maintenance the best quality hard wearing lawn grass

Lawncaretips - If you want a lawn that looks good all year round and can stand the daily ravages of children and pets, you will need to choose a hard-wearing mixture. These are often known as ‘family’ or ‘utility’ mixtures. 

In the past, this type of lawn would have been largely made up of very vigorous, fast growing ryegrass, but nowadays the new cultivars are much better and, although hardwearing, they have a finer leaf and do not grow as tall. 

The main ingredient of a family lawn is Lolium perenne (perennial ryegrass) and often it comprises of up to 90% of the mixture. This gives the grass its strength and recovery power after heavy use, hence the reason it is widely used on football and rugby pitches. 

easy maintanance hard wearing lawn grass

The remainder of the mixture is usually Festuca rubra rubra (creeping red fescue) or Poa pratensis (smooth stalked meadow grass) or both, which is used to bind the lawn together. Seed companies offer several mixtures suitable for this type of lawn which establishes very quickly, and turf companies also offer a selection of utility turf.

Maintenance requirements 

Hard-wearing type of lawn requires less maintenance than a very fine formal lawn, although for best results regular mowing is necessary and ideally the lawn should be fed once or twice a year. 

A cylinder or rotary mower can be used to cut the grass, which should normally be allowed to grow a little longer due to the nature of its use. Weed and moss control will be required if you want to keep the lawn free from weeds and moss, although a few weeds in this type of lawn are not as noticeable as in a very fine grass mixture.
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