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What type of lawn should i plant?

Lawncareidea - There are many different types of lawn that you can create in your garden and you only have to look at the different sports that are played on grass to give you some idea of what they look like and how they can be used. 

Fortunately, grass seed companies have taken much of the hard work out of choosing what types of grass to use on a lawn and they have blended various grasses together to form different mixtures. 

These lawn seed mixtures are readily available from garden centres and specialist mail order companies. To a certain extent, the same applies to turf and many companies now sell several different grades of turf to suit all needs. Generally speaking when choosing seed or turf, you get what you pay for. It is best to avoid very cheap seed mixes where little or no detail of the grass mixture is given.

Although lawn types tend to fall into two main groups, fine-quality and utility lawns, many of the modern seed mixtures available fall midway, enabling you to have an all-purpose lawn that looks fairly fine and also can withstand the wear and tear of children and pets. These contain a selection of fine and hardwearing seed varieties and many seed companies sell such mixtures. Most turf companies also sell good quality turf that is classed as all-purpose for garden use.

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Fine-quality show lawns

Any people have to asking question about what type of lawn is used on golf courses? the answer is Festuca (fescue) and Agrostis (bent grass), these are the types of grasses that you would expect to find on golf greens and bowling greens. A fine-quality lawn is type of lawn that can be made by maintaining to a high standard always looks impressive and it consists of a mixture of two main types of grass above.

Hardwearing lawn

Hard-wearing lawn is type of lawn are often known as ‘family’ or ‘utility’ mixtures. That lawn will always looks good all year round and can stand the daily ravages of children and pets like Dog or Cat. The main ingredient of a hard-wearing lawn is Lolium perenne (perennial ryegrass), Festuca rubra rubra (creeping red fescue) or Poa pratensis (smooth stalked meadow grass) which all the type of grass is can establishes very quickly.

So What type of lawn should i plant? the best answer is based your answer about this question : Where is the lawn to be sited? What will the lawn be used for? and How quickly do you want it?
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