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Important thing in soil site preparation for making non-grass lawn

Lawncare - Ground preparation is very important when laying an area of non-grass lawn in order to prevent invasion by perennial weeds at a later date. As the area being created is usually quite small, this should not present too much of a problem.

If you do not fancy the hard graft of forking out perennial roots, an alternative is to spray the weeds with a glyphosate-based weedkiller. This is absorbed into the plant, killing all parts including the roots. Once the weeds are dead, the ground can be forked over to loosen the soil. Glyphosate does not leave any harmful residues in the soil.

Preparing the soil Annual weeds can simply be lifted or, in sunny weather, dislodged with a hoe and left to dry out. With perennial weeds, it is vital to remove all pieces of root, as many will re-grow from even the tiniest fragment. The old-fashioned and totally organic way to do this is to fork over the soil and pick out the roots by hand.

soil ground preparation services and maintenance for gardening lawn landscaping

Once the site is completely clear of weeds, rake down the soil to form a level surface and apply a base dressing of general fertilizer. This should be lightly raked into the soil surface. The site is now ready to plant or sow.

Sowing A few plants such as clover and thyme can be grown from seed, although thyme is often established from small plants. This is best done in spring when the soil is starting to warm up. 

The ground needs preparing thoroughly and raking down to form a firm seed bed. Broadcast the seeds evenly over the area and lightly rake them into the surface – just as you would with grass seed. Germination can be a little slow, especially in dry weather. If this is the case, water the area with a watering can or sprinkler to keep the soil moist.
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