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When the best time you can plant non grass lawn in UK

Lawndesignidea - Planting The best time to establish a non-grass lawn is in early autumn or spring. Plants such as chamomile, thyme and alpines are usually available as established plants in small pots, although some nurseries will supply smaller plants in large plug trays.

Where established plants are being used it may be possible to divide the clump into several rooted sections. This not only saves money, but also the plants will go further.

non grass lawn design idea with thyme and cammomile in UK

When we planting the non grass lawn like thyme or other, give space the plants out in staggered rows and plant them approximately 15–20cm (6–8 in) apart. Wider spacing can be used, but it will take longer for the plants to grow together

Water the plants thoroughly to settle them in and keep the soil around them moist in dry weather until they are established.

Once established a non-grass lawn needs very little attention, but while the plants are establishing you will need to keep an eye on them to ensure that they take hold.
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